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Sneller Custom Home Remodeling

Is Custom Home Remodeling The Solution You've Been Searching For?

At Sneller, We Can Remodel Every Room In Your Home!


Custom Home Remodeling: Sneller's Complete Room-To-Room Renovation

A custom home remodel is essentially a complete home makeover. It involves taking an existing home down to its most basic parts, largely preserving the original footprint and the desirable features you want to retain. The interior and exterior are then reconfigured and customized to the homeowner’s vision and style. With a custom home rebuild, which may also include a home addition, you are beginning with a blank slate as you would with new construction, but without many of the hassles that building from scratch often encompasses. There are circumstances in which homeowners or home buyers may find remodeling to be the preferred choice. Each can be summed up by that timeless expression, and number one rule in real estate…location, location, location. 

Why a Complete Home Remodel?

Remodeling is often the right decision when you love the location and appreciate many of the home’s features, but wish to make significant changes. When you consider selling and moving to a different home, you feel a tug of nostalgia. There are countless memories associated with every nook and cranny of the home. You love where you live, but spaces that were once functional when you first purchased your home are no longer working. You don’t want to leave, but major changes need to be made in order to stay. 

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Why Custom Home Remodeling May Be A Better Alternative Than Building From Scratch

Maybe the aging home needs structural updates. The exterior painting is cracked, the roof needs to be replaced, and the siding is damaged or dated. Possibly the aesthetics and home design style no longer reflect your tastes. Life has evolved. Perhaps the family is growing and the spaces need to accommodate more people. On the other hand, you could be empty-nesters, and the way you live in your home is different. Changes in your current lifestyle or future plans are often the catalyst for the decision to renovate.

Whole-house remodeling is like building a new house that’s influenced and informed by your existing home.

It is the opportunity to fix any design or construction flaws, to update and upgrade building materials, and to modernize energy efficiency. Entire home remodeling can also be ideal for historical homes. A custom home builder can make updates where desired while preserving craftsmanship in the original flooring or fireplaces. Renovating a historical home gives you the opportunity to retain the home’s charm while supporting your modern lifestyle.

As with any important decision, you’ll want to realistically weigh advantages and disadvantages of each option. While building a brand new house offers maximum freedom and a truly clean slate, consider the following often unknown or overlooked advantages to a custom home remodel.

  • It often takes less time to complete the remodeling process (depending on the scope) than a new home build.
  • You maintain all the benefits of upgrading and updating without sacrificing your ideal location.
  • You will increase your home’s value.
  • You can often spend less when remodeling than when building from scratch.
  • Updates can make your existing house as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as new construction.
  • With construction on undeveloped land, the land will need to be surveyed, cleared, excavated, and graded. Zoning, permitting, and determining the accessibility of utilities is also part of the process. While home remodeling may include some of this work, particularly if there are additions or changes to the home’s footprint, this type of preparation is not nearly as extensive as with the new building process.

Check Out These For Remodeling Individual Areas Of Your Home

Click Below To Learn About Remodeling Each Room


Kitchen Remodeling

Your Houston Sneller professionals will carefully plan and choreograph your kitchen remodel, adding immense value to your home and elevating the beauty and functionality of your home’s epicenter. Your remodeling experience with the best kitchen designers Houston has to offer will unveil options that will maximize your home’s potential. 


Bathroom Remodeling

The Houston based bathroom remodelers at Sneller are experts at designing functional bathroom layouts.  These design choices are the details that will create a master bathroom space that you’ll appreciate day-in and day-out, and for many years to come. 


Bedroom Remodeling

Whether the look of the entire bedroom and bathroom suite is outdated, or the layout is dysfunctional, the team will work with you to identify the ultimate goals of your custom remodel. Prepare to fall in love with your new bedroom renovation.


Sneller Would Be Proud To Be Your Custom Home Remodeling Contractors

Finding the right custom home builder or remodeler can make all the difference in your remodeling experience. Sneller Custom Homes will work with you to identify your vision and goals, to define a budget, and to outline a path that leads to your reimagined “forever home.” Whether you’ve already sketched out the perfect version of your current home, or you have no idea where to begin, the selection of your custom remodelers is the most impactful decision you’ll make in this process.

Choosing Sneller as your custom home builder and advocate in this journey will ensure a smooth and creatively fulfilling experience that results in the realization of your dream home.

At Sneller Custom Homes, we pride ourselves on professionalism and transparency. We partner and align with subcontractors that value those same ideals. From single room remodeling to a whole-house renovation, we assemble a team of the best in their respective fields.

Each team member is selected with the client’s vision and style in mind.

Your Selections Coordinator who acts as the general contractor will ensure that all involved work collaboratively throughout the process. Each professional will offer their unique expertise and insight. Since 2014, Sneller has garnered local, regional, and even national awards and recognition for our design and customer service.

We are so proud that customers describe us as: “honest, professional, and courteous.” With overwhelmingly consistent 5-star reviews for quality work, communication, and value, our customers’ and colleagues’ commendations speak for themselves


Premier Remodeling For Every Space In Your Home

Understandably and predictably, a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel comprise the vast majority of renovation projects. Clearly, the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom suite are the most lived-in spaces. When considering specific room remodels, however, don’t ignore the remodeling potential throughout the rest of the house. Updating only one or two areas of the home can further emphasize those outdated areas that would also benefit from a makeover. Consideration to design and detail applied throughout the home can add to the wow-factor of your home renovation. 

Living Room Custom Remodelers

Apart from the kitchen, bedrooms, and baths, the living area is likely the space in your home that receives the most wear and tear. Aptly named, this is the place where you do most of your “living” during waking hours, and especially on weekends. The living room or family room is also a gathering place for company. Whether you host the neighbors for a Super Bowl party each year or welcome family for holiday celebrations, you’ll want your living room to be gorgeous and inviting.

When contemplating a new living space, consider not only your current lifestyle, but what your future way of living may be.

Perhaps you have several children living at home, but in less than a decade, you’ll be empty-nesters. Ask yourself what aspects and features of the living area are presently working well, and what are problems that should be addressed. If you are the type of family that enjoys spending time together watching movies, then a design that focuses on comfort and a warm atmosphere may be in order. If you will be using your living room for entertaining, a more formal decor and motif could be appropriate.

If your living area feels too small or is isolated from adjacent areas, consider removing a non load-bearing wall or creating an addition to expand the room.

Conversely, if you already have an open floor plan, but desire a bit more privacy, ponder adding half-walls or using columns to define smaller niches within the large space. You can also give your living room a refresh with the addition of natural light with more windows or modern skylights. Upgrades to the fireplace and mantel area, built-in cabinets and shelves, or decorative trusses on the ceiling can transform your once plain family room. Another way to completely update and upgrade a living room is with a simple change in color palette. Paint can freshen and clean up the entire space, resulting in a crisp and attractive room that feels brand new.

Dining Area Premier Remodeling Service

If you are living in an older home, the rooms may be compartmentalized. The concept of an open kitchen has grown exponentially popular, and this typically means that the dining area is part of the larger kitchen space.

Incorporating the dining area with the kitchen not only modernizes the home’s look, it provides a functional space that flows into, rather than being separated from the adjacent areas.

Families and guests want to congregate together, and when each area of the house is stifled by its own four walls, this creates a literal barrier to that feeling of togetherness. If this describes the current situation in your home, then an ideal remodel would likely involve a reconfiguration of the floor plan in the kitchen and dining areas. Here are other considerations for your dining room renovation that can have big impacts:

  • Built-In Cabinets

    The addition or installation of built-in cabinets can open up a storage area for linens, china, and serveware that may not otherwise have a dedicated space.

  • Lighting Scheme

    Update the lighting scheme with eye-catching fixtures to create ambiance with a combination of over-the-table and wall lights.

  • Flooring Selection

    If you want the open-concept kitchen, but would still prefer that the formal dining area have its own distinct space, consider introducing columns or inlays in the flooring to define the boundaries.


Home Office Premier Remodeling

In 2020, the acronym WFH became part of nearly everyone’s lexicon. Working from home was suddenly the norm. While most have returned to the traditional workplace, the home office is here to stay for many. For those who do work from home, separating this work space from the rest of the home, both physically and mentally, is important.

You need a space that is quiet and apart from the busy areas of the home.

Luxurious bookcase cabinets and a built-in desk will enhance the home office experience. Wall storage with file cabinets, large windows, and a combination of recessed and task lighting throughout the room is sure to set the tone for productivity. While these features contribute to the function of the office space, don’t forget about design.

Whether you spend a few minutes or entire workdays in your home office area, you’ll want to love the way it looks.

To create an uplifting space, consider a statement wall in a color scheme that reflects your personality. A beautiful rug topped with a pair of armchairs creates an inviting space for clients, or an area within the office to relax with a cup of tea. A window replacement and new curtains can transform the feel of the home office and introduce a pop of color in the room. According to research, a beautiful painting, sculpture, or other pieces of art in the workplace can elevate the mood and achievements of employees. It would stand to reason that this applies in the home office as well.

Outdoor Space Custom Remodelers

An outdoor living environment extends the home’s area and adds usable living space. Beautiful outdoor patios and decks not only add value to your home and property, but increase the ability to enjoy your home. With average high temperatures of the mid 60s in the winter, Houston homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces year-round. If you’re hosting family barbecues on your expansive shaded patio in July, or gathering around the outdoor fireplace before the Texans kick off in December, custom remodeling can include an outdoor space that enhances your lifestyle. Practical ideas may include awnings and outdoor ceiling fans for relief in the subtropical Houston climate. Arches and trellises give the impression of entering a new space. A pergola will create a cozy outdoor dining space that also provides shade on hot summer days. Installing stone walkways connects the house to its natural surroundings. An appealing outdoor space will incorporate all the senses, so don’t forget fragrant flora or sounds of water.

Hibury Game Room
Premier Garage Remodel
Walden Way Playroom
Modern Leisure Sun Room
Lake Sterling Game Room

What Else is Possible in Custom Home Remodeling?

A home remodeling project logically involves renovating spaces that already existed in the original plan. The aforementioned areas are the most salient targets of a renovation after kitchen remodeling and master bedroom or bathroom remodeling. Big impacts are also possible with reimagined spaces like entryways, mudrooms, closets, and even garages. It’s important to realize that creating new spaces is also possible with whole-house remodeling. Was your original home missing something that could be remedied with a custom home renovation? Repurposing previously unused spaces with new rooms or even room additions can easily be accomplished. Recreation rooms, bars or wine storage rooms, home theaters, and home gyms are all possibilities when redesigning the entire house. The blank canvas of the custom remodel allows you to create a home tailored specifically to your lifestyle.

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The Staff at Sneller Has Your Back

Your Sneller custom remodeling contractors will familiarize themselves with your individual needs and desires. The goal is to guide you through the design and remodel process with exceptional professionalism and know-how that will create a sense of comfort and relief from start to outstanding finish. At this visit, based on the vision and budget outlined, a “ballpark” or “rough estimate” of your custom home remodeling cost is given free-of-charge.

We're Opting For Custom Home Renovations- What's Next?

Congratulations! Your home improvement journey is about to begin. Sneller premier remodelers would love to partner with you on this adventure. The first step toward your breathtaking new home begins with a simple phone call to your Sneller custom home builder at (832) 797-4320 or with a click on this link. You will meet with a knowledgeable Sneller professional to discuss your vision and goals.

After initial consultations and a visit to the current home, 

you will receive a ball-park estimate based on the scope of the custom remodeling project. If you decide to move forward, detailed pricing will be provided and the design and construction team for your remodel will be assembled.


Opting in for custom home renovations
Custom Home Contractors

The Best in Their Field Will Now Gather For Your Custom Home Remodeling Project

Houston, the surrounding area, and the statewide remodeling industry is teeming with the best and brightest in their respective areas of design, engineering, and construction.

Sneller believes in bringing together the best team possible through the selection of individual experts in their respective fields.

In the case of expansive custom home building and remodeling, this will include first-rate Houston area architects, engineers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscape designers, and more. This approach of assembling the foremost in their respective fields results in stunning outcomes. You will have a team of responsive, caring, and innovative professionals whose collective goal is to inspire and produce the home of your dreams

Let Your Custom Home Remodel Begin, With The Latest in Technology To Guide The Way 



Sneller utilizes Buildertrend®, a software communication tool that tracks everything related to the remodeling project from beginning to end. After simply downloading the Buildertrend® app to your device, you will be able to log in at any time to obtain current information regarding your custom home remodel.

Step By Step

From accessing pictures of the project and notifications of delivery of materials to viewing daily logs from the Project Manager, you will have the most up-to-date information about your remodel at all times. The Sneller Project Director will continually enter logs and information regarding scheduling, delivery of materials, installations, and budget.

Transparent Process

Budget and payment information are also available through the app. This is one additional layer of professionalism and transparency that you can expect from Sneller and their team of experts.
Sneller and associates would be delighted to guide you through your custom home renovations. If you are in Houston or surrounding areas, let us inspire and partner with you in creating the place you call “home.”

Let's Get Started On Your Full Home Remodeling Project Today! 

Sneller Custom Homes would be proud to be your custom home remodeling company of choice and guide you through your home design and renovation, helping you to create that place of sanctuary and well-being that you deserve. If you are in Houston or the surrounding area, let us help bring your dream home remodel to life.

Sneller are not only full home contractors. Our design services also include individual areas as well, such as kitchen remodeling, master bedroom remodels, and closet renovations. Reimagine and design any space in your Houston area home with your expert contractor at Sneller home remodeling. 

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